To the editor,

Due to its recent negligence in money management, the West Allis/West Milwaukee School District will hold meetings this month to persuade, or bully, taxpayers into voting for the district's proposed $12.5 million operational referendum on April 4.  Members of Christian Civil Liberties Union will attend some of these meetings to encourage voters to vote no on the referendum and to vote against the two incumbents who were board members while this money squandering took place.

Former school board members and two current board members, Patricia Kehrin and Sue Sujecki, blew through millions of dollars on reckless spending and now want residents to pay for it. The board is trying to scare people into voting for the referendum by threatening to cut music and sports activities if it fails.

The same people who are responsible for mishandling millions are the same people that you trust to set forth guidelines that determine moral conduct in the schools, including what restroom can be used by transgendered students. These people do not have the children's best interests in mind.

The board is to do what is right and to hold the responsible parties accountable. This referendum can easily be avoided by cutting board member and teacher salaries, bonuses and perks; and doing away with smaller class sizes by putting more students back into the classrooms with competent people to teach them. Taking these steps would save approximately $3 million a year.

The following is a list of all upcoming meetings set by the school board:

6 p.m. Thursday, March 16
Lane Intermediate School, 1300 S. 109th St.

9:30 a.m. Saturday, March 25

Nathan Hale High School,11601 W. Lincoln Ave.

6 p.m. Thursday, March 30

West Allis Central High School, 8516 W. Lincoln Ave.

Bob Braun

Christian Civil Liberties Union

Editor's note: This letter was edited for length.

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