Re-elect Alderman Bruce Bailey  

To the editor,

It has been my privilege to serve as Greenfield's Second District Alderman. I enjoy representing and serving the residents and taxpayers of the district. I try to keep everyone informed of all the new changes within the City of Greenfield through my quarterly newsletters. My door has always been open to those who had complaints or concerns. I pride myself on promptly addressing these issues.

I look forward to using my experience in law enforcement, years on the Greenfield School Board and my active involvement in my church as well as the community as an alderman. I will continue my commitment to public safety, pursuing quality economic development (expanding the tax base, creating new jobs) and maintaining and repairing our roads and infrastructures. I will vote in ways that will ensure our tax dollars are spent effectively and efficiently (working to hold the line on spending and taxes).

Community members can feel free to contact me at or call 414-321-8225, if they have any questions, concerns or suggestions. I ask for community members' votes on April 4 to help re-elect me as their alderman.

I thank the community for all its support, and I look forward to serving as alderman for the next three years.

Alderman Bruce Bailey


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