Lubotsky asks voters for a fourth term in office

To the editor,

It has been my privilege to serve as your alderperson for three terms. I will continue to fight to keep our property taxes affordable and to ensure public safety.I will also continue to enhance our quality of life. I look forward to serving the fine people of District 1. I would sincerely appreciate your vote on Feb 21. Thank you,

Greenfield Alderwoman Linda Lubotsky

Lubotsky receives endorsement of constituent

To the editor,

I'm writing this to endorse our Alderwoman Linda Lubotsky, She has always been available to me with whatever I have needed help with or had concerns about in my neighborhood.

She also is a diligent steward of our tax dollars. I also understand she is the only elect here in Greenfield to not accept her $600 a year raises. I'm proud of all (of) her hard work in making Greenfield a safer place. Please support "our" dedicated alderwoman and vote Lubotsky on Feb 21. Thank you,

Jill Schauer

Voter calls the re-election of Lubotsky 'a smart move' 

To the editor,

The Feb. 21 primary election is right around the corner, and we need to keep our excellent District Alderman Linda Lubotsky. Linda is an active, experienced and committed alderman, who continues to work tirelessly with neighbors, seniors, businesses and police promoting a safer, cleaner, affordable and fiscally responsible community.

My personal experience with her has been for general information and resources as well as to have cleanup of refuse, discarded furnishings and debris for my alley. Linda was promptly available by phone and immediately took action to clear the alley within hours.

Linda works with our local businesses to promote events, further development, and reduce crime.  When a recent robbery occurred at the Clark Station, Linda was right there with the police and owner investigating the case.

As a senior resource, Linda has provided answers, support, solutions and resources to problems or needed services within the area. And as a council member, Linda is actively involved in the business at hand, offering ideas, solutions, cost savings, challenging those that may not be working in the best interests of the neighborhoods.A vote for Linda Lubotsky is a smart move for Greenfield!

Barb Schumann

Lubotsky lauded by a small business

To the editor,

Alderwomen Linda Lubotsky has gone above and beyond for us when we had permitting issues.  She is very responsive to our needs and easy to get answer when needed.

We have had businesses in St. Francis, and Milwaukee and never had a council person as willing to help as Alderwomen Linda Lubotsky.  We are glad to support her in the upcoming election.

Nick Neldner

Milwaukee Auto Works

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