WEST ALLIS — The West Allis Players will present “Getting Away with Murder” by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth April 21-22, and 28-30 in the West Allis Central auditorium, 8516 W. Lincoln Ave.

When people hear the name “Sondheim,” they think of music and musicals. “West Side Story,” “Into the Woods” and “A Little Night Music” are just a few of the many shows composed by this American legend. But Sondheim also is a fan of mysteries and he is a playwright. He and musical partner, George Furth, conceived a basic idea and each wrote parts of the play and then edited each other’s work.

“Getting Away with Murder” opened on Broadway in 1996. It tells the story of a Pulitzer prize-winning psychiatrist who hand picks seven patients to serve as research for his next book. It's on the seven deadly sins.

These seven, all well-known in New York society, are unaware they are about to be guinea pigs. They meet for their weekly group session only to find that their doctor has been murdered. Because each shuns adverse publicity, the group decides to try to solve the murder. The investigation leads to many more secrets and strange developments.

The musical master has one more twist, according to director Katherine Beeson.

“Sondheim reveals the killer to the audience at the end of Act I. He also wrote two endings for the show and audience members will be able to vote on whether the murderer should get away with the crime,” she said.

The Group consists of Martin Chisholm, an ambitious political consultant; Dossie Lustig, a sensual restaurant hostess; Pamela Prideaux, the snob socialite; Vassili Laimorgos, a sly dealer in antiques and collectibles; Gregory Reed, the rich and arrogant real estate mogul; Dan Gerard, a cop with a grudge; and
Nam-Jun Vuong, a college instructor and resentful would-be administrator.

Admission will be $15, general, $13 for seniors and students. Advance tickets are available at and

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