West Allis — Most teachers across all grade levels in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District will receive a pay increase for the current school year.

Under terms of the agreement, instructors will receive a 0.12 percent base wage increase. The document is between the district and the teacher’s union, known formally as the West Allis-West Milwaukee Teachers Association.

The agreement was minted after the school board approved it at a meeting Monday, Dec. 19. Members of the district’s teachers association accepted the terms in advance of the board meeting.

Andrew Chromy, director of finance and operations, said the pay increase is retroactive, stretching back to the beginning of the district’s fiscal year July 1. The agreement sunsets June 30, 2017.

While most of the district’s teachers are privy to the blanket base wage increase, there are a few caveats.

“The distribution of the increase is 0.12 percent to each returning teacher from the 2015-16 school year,” Chromy said of the most notable sticking point.

There are a few other provisions, including a 0.16 percent increase to teachers with master’s degrees.

Chromy said a teacher earning an annual salary of $50,000 would receive an additional $60 with the base 0.12 percent increase factored into the mix.

Gov. Scott Walker’s 5-year-old Act 10 legislation removed many of the bargaining chips teachers’ unions once brought to the table for decades, including direct negotiations for such benefits as health and dental insurance and retirement contributions.

In a post-Act 10 world, teachers unions across the state do still have the ability to negotiate base salaries, though it comes with a number or provisions, including a stipulation wage increases not exceed a cap based on the consumer price index unless approved by a referendum.

Chromy said this year’s wage increase plan in West Allis-West Milwaukee follows the CPI formula.

Most of West Allis-West Milwaukee’s other union-represented employees — including secretaries and custodial personnel — already have base wage increase agreements in place.

“All other employee groups were provided 0.12 percent (increases), except the educational assistants,” Chromy said. “That has yet to be negotiated.”

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