West Allis - Little faces lighted up as youngsters at two West Allis elementary schools found out they would get to choose a book to take home for their very own.

This is the third year the West Allis Woman’s Club has brought books to two elementary schools and read to the youngsters, too.

"It gives an excitement for reading," said Marsha Banyai, project chairwoman. "Because they choose a book for themselves to take home."

"You see them light up when they hear they can choose a book," Banyai said. "They cheer."

This year, it was Horace Mann and Pershing elementary schools' turn. The woman's club came last week with their arms full of boxes and hearts full of enthusiasm to share a love of reading.

In previous years, the volunteers have been to Franklin School, Jefferson School and to Longfellow students at the recreation center.

Over the three years of the project, the club has donated more than 300 books to local schoolchildren.

The first year, there were about 75 books. That went up to more than 90 last year. This year topped out at almost 130 books.

"It was wonderful to see our members really stepping up to the plate," Banyai said. The majority of the books were new. Some members went to Barnes and Nobel and bought three or even four books, she said.

"Some are standards my kids read, and that's 35 years ago," she said. Many were Dr. Seuss books.

The club brings extra books for teachers to use as a reward, too.

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