West Allis - Hard on the heels of Halloween, "The Addams Family" will come from Broadway to the West Allis Central High School stage Friday, Nov. 4.

"Audiences will really like the music," said Jordan Pollard, a teacher at Franklin Elementary School, West Allis, and co-director of the show along with high school music teacher Michael Omo. "The Addams Family" is a musical comedy.

Also, the show will spotlight some of the best talent the school has to offer.

"This is an extremely talented group of kids," Pollard said.

Outdoor performances

That extremely talented group gave trick-or-treaters a taste of the fun via mini-live outdoor performances under an appropriately glowering sky Saturday.

Besides music, the show will have special effects, such as Uncle Fester seeming to fly as he sings his number.

While pulling that off was a challenge, the biggest hurdle was building the mansion that forms the set for all the action, Pollard said. The massive set has two levels with a 15-foot turntable in the middle for scene changes.

To the rescue came Steve Unger, parent of a cast member who acted as construction manager, Pollard said.

The audience will appreciate the workmanship of Unger and his helpers with hammers as the table turns between scenes to transition the action. That approach is new to the players.

Family photos

Also new will be photo ops in the lobby. An alternate that won't go on stage will hone their improv skills and gain experience as they pose for photos with families, Pollard said.

Shows will be at 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, Nov. 4, 5, 11 and 12, with a 2 p.m. matinee Saturday, Nov. 12. Admission will be $10, general, $6 for students and seniors, and family four-packs for two adults and two children for $30. Seating is not reserved.

Appearing as Gomez will be Jacob McKee; as Morticia will be Bekah Kalb; as Uncle Fester, Justin Foster; as Grandma, Mariah Murowski; as Wednesday Addams will be Charlie Rashkin; as Pugsley Addams, Hannah Filter; and as Lurch, Andy Niemer.

Also appearing will be Evan Barbian, Madeline Unger and Tristan Haugh, along with the Addams Family Ancestors (ensemble) of Darrius Adkins, Maseion Anderson,  Aitza Cabrera, Iliana Chevrez, Jeri Cutsforth, Brad Hoerl, Katie Hofmann, Abagail Houck, Korra Justham, Riad Kulenovic, Justin Nusberger and Emily Pfeiffer.

New, but not

Although Pollard teaches fifth grade at Franklin Elementary, he is no stranger to dramatic productions at Central, his alma mater. He performed in the musicals all four years he was a student at Central. The 2009 graduate also appeared in three plays as a student. He has been serving as staff assistant director and this is his first show as a co-director.

"Some things are easier and some parts are harder," he said of directing verses being in the shows.

The harder part is the millions of behind-the-scenes tasks such as copyrights and royalties and printing tickets.

"All the little things that go into a show," Pollard said.

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