GREENFIELD — Former corrections officer  Timothy J. Jennings, 30, is due to make an initial court appearance on a misdemeanor charge that he lied to police after his gun went off in his apartment.

Jennings had only recently been hired by the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office and was still in his probationary period, according to department spokeswoman Frances McLaughlin. He was terminated in June, she said.

According to the criminal complaint field in Milwaukee Circuit Court, Jennings told Greenfield police that a shot had been fired through his window, the complaint says.

He said he had been sitting on the couch in his living room next to the window and that a bullet went through the screen of the window, struck his kitchen table, kitchen chair and then lodged in the wall of his apartment, the complaint says.

Based on that information and the trajectory of the bullet, police evacuated a nearby
apartment building where it was believed the bullet came from. After speaking with several residents of the building, police determined that a shot was not fired from the building, the complaint says.

When officers confronted Jennings, he said the gun had gone off and that he had panicked and lied to police. 

He is charged with obstructing police that carries a maximum penalty of nine months in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The incident happened June 22 at the defendant's apartment at 3317 S. 100th St. His initial court appearance is July 18.



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