GREENFIELD — Greenfield 1st District Alderwoman Linda Lubotsky stresses her qualifications as an experienced public official, a mother and homeowner who has had to live within a budget while challenger Denise Collins stresses her well-rounded background in administration and finance in the private sector along with a long list of leadership and activities within the community.

The two will square off in the April 4 spring election. Both captured the most votes in the February primary election in a field of four candidates.

Lubotsky, a geriatric case manager, has served as alderwoman since 2008. She holds an associate’s degree in nursing.

Collins recently retired as a legal information specialist. She has been active in the city and is chairwoman of the Greenfield Parks and Recreation Board and is a member of the plan commission. Both are long-time Greenfield residents.

They addressed three questions from Greenfield Now:

What would your top priority be and how would you work toward achieving it?

Linda Lubotsky: I have many priorities for this wonderful city, firstly - taking care of my residents’ needs; secondly, supporting our businesses. I already have a wonderful working relationship with all the city's departments. I am working on development in my district and implementing continued safety for residents and visitors of Greenfield.

Denise Collins: My top priority will be to represent all of the residents and taxpayers of the first district, looking out for their interests, keeping them informed and soliciting their opinions and ideas, as well as promptly and effectively addressing their concerns, needs and questions.

What background, skills, outlooks do you bring to the table?

Lubotsky:  My background is 12 years of experience as an elected official, 28 years as a mom, and 13 years as a homeowner who lives on a budget. I have served on many committees and bring a common sense approach to the table. I truly care about all residents.

Collins: My extensive administrative, financial and legal experience in the private sector; my longtime active involvement on committees and in organizations in the city, school district and community; and my varied experiences as a volunteer with different groups and at many events will enable me to effectively serve as alderperson.

Would you like to see new approaches taken or is the city on the right track? If so, why do you feel that way?

Lubotsky: The city is on the right track, we have lots of exciting things going on, new development, more activities, Konkel Park’s new amphitheater, the farmers market, a dedicated police and fire department, lots of activities at our Park 'n Rec Department. Money saving collaboration between the city and our two  school districts.

Collins: While I think that Greenfield is on the right track, we must be vigilant and aware of our ever changing environment. We must think outside the box to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our residents and that we are  pursuing our city's motto: "Pledged to Progress."

Linda Joy Lubotsky

Age: 52 

Address: 4801 West Howard Ave Greenfield WI 53220

Political history: Greenfield alderwoman since 2008; Greenfield School Board member, 2006 - 2009; as alderwoman, chairman of the public works committee for eight years; member of the legislative committee; Library Board member;former board of health member, finance and HR committee, tree commission member; attend Jackson Park Neighborhood Association meetings, 27th Street Business Association meetings, and Neighborhood Crime Watch meetings

Phone number: 414-614-2928 

Email: Lubotsky


Denise Collins

Age: 56 

Address: 4439 S. 38th St.

Occupation:  recently retired legal information specialist
Political History: Chairperson of the Greenfield Parks and Recreation Board, member of the Plan Commission, Land Use Steering Committee and the Healthiest Greenfield Coalition; formerly president of the Greenfield Education Foundation, and member of Greenfield High School's National Accreditation Committee, the city's 50th Anniversary Committee, and of the Community Center Ad Hoc Committee

Phone number: 414-281-2577


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