GREENFIELD — In the contest for District 2 alderman, incumbent Bruce Bailey said the city is on the right track with recent major developments while challenger James Palmar emphasizes help is needed for seniors to connect with programs to help them stay in their homes.

Bailey, former Greenfield School Board president, is finishing his first term on the Greenfield Common Council. Palmar served on the council from 1989 to 1997.

In applauding development in the city, Bailey also cautioned that going forward the city must keep in mind its priorities of safe parks, clean restaurants and quality shopping.

Palmar said the city should be more fiscally responsible and to that end it should work more with surrounding communities and with Milwaukee County.

The contest for District 2 alderman will be a rematch between Bailey and Palmar. They jousted in 2014 when Palmar was eliminated in the primary election that sent Bailey and then alderman Tom Pietrowski to the general election. Palmar threw his support behind Bailey who ultimately won that contest.

Bailey and Palmar are both longtime Greenfield residents, with Bailey having lived in the city for 60 years and Palmar for 32.

Bailey is a retired deputy sheriff detective/sergeant, currently assisting the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office as a part-time investigator. He holds a degree in criminal justice from Milwaukee Area Technical College. Active in the community, Bailey served six years on the Greenfield School Board, several as its president.

Palmar is a retired buyer for the Master Lock Co. He holds a bachelor's degree in business from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and earned a master's degree in 1981.

What background, skills, outlooks do you bring to the table?

Bruce Bailey: I have a background in public service and enjoy solving problems when my constituents call me. I will always strive to represent them and will work hard to get the road fixed or their parking problems fixed. And I always return their phone calls. I enjoy being a problem solver.

James Palmar:  I have the business and government experience to get results for our seniors and residents.  You can count on me to respond promptly with results.  Your calls deserve a quick response.  I will put your concerns first.  It is time to make Greenfield number one in Milwaukee County.

What would your top priority be and how would you work toward achieving it?

Bailey: My top priority would be to improve on our commitment to providing the best services we can provide. We need to make Greenfield a place where people want to live and work. I want to have an informed public which is why I put out my own district newsletter.

Palmar: There is a need for real communication with our residents and seniors.  They deserve better, and I will deliver the results they expect.  It is time to be fiscally responsible with your tax dollars.  We have to do a better job working with our neighbors and county government.

Would you like to see new approaches taken or is the city on the right track? If so, why do you feel that way?

Bailey: The city is on the right track. Our new developments, including 84South, which is in my district, are going to be great additions.  Some of the concerns are whether the city has safe parks, clean restaurants and quality shopping. We need to be vibrant and have a sense of community.

Palmar: I will address the needs of our seniors ensuring they can access the services required to allow them to stay in their homes.  Our residents concerns must be taken seriously and I will provide results when called upon.  We can do better and I will get the job done.

Bruce Bailey (inc.)

Age: 64

Address: 4281 S. 82nd St.

Political history: Alderman, 2014 to the present; Greenfield School Board, 2008 to 2014

Phone number: 414-321-8225


James Palmar

Age: 65

Address: 5001 S. 68th St.

Political history: Four-term District 2 alderman in Greenfield, 1989 to 1997; as a four-term alderperson I served on all committees in the city; unsuccessful bids for District 2 alderman in 2011 against Tom Pietrowski and in 2014 against Pietrowski and Bruce Bailey

Phone number: 414-282-1462

Twitter:  James Palmar @JD Palmar


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