GREENFIELD - Stemming crime was mentioned a primary concern in District 1 by three of the four candidates hoping to attract votes in Greenfield District 1 primary election Tuesday, Feb. 21 .

Their solutions to include working with the Milwaukee police on crime that spills over the border into Greenfield, making sure Greenfield police have enough money to combat crime and ensuring police responses are quick and effective.

The fourth candidate said a primary concern is protecting property values in the face of apartment development in the district.

District 1 voters will pare the field of candidates down from four to two in the primary election. The top two vote-getters will face off in the spring election Tuesday, April 4.

Linda Lubotsky, a geriatric case manager with Associates in Nursing, Long Beach, California, who as been alderwoman since 2008, faces three challengers. They are Denise Collins, recently retired legal informa

tion specialist who has been active in the city and is chairwoman of the Greenfield Parks and Recreation Board and a member of the Plan Commission; attorney and owner of the Harris Realty Group Cord Harris; and Shawn Hart, who is deputy treasurer for another municipality.

The candidates took the time to consider three questions, with their answers published in their own words:

What is the biggest need in District 1 and how would you address it?

Lubotsky: District 1 borders Milwaukee, therefore I have a working relationship with Milwaukee police district 6 and work closely with neighborhood associations to monitor crime, along with posting updates to Greenfield residents on social media, neighborhood groups to keep our neighbors safe.  Morgan Avenue will be reconstructed other roadwork is planned.

Collins: There are several concerns to First District residents including public safety, affordable taxes and maintenance and upkeep of the roads and infrastructure.  I will work to ensure the city works effectively and efficiently and is responsive to citizens'  concerns and requests for emergency services.  I'll respond promptly to residents' concerns.

Harris: Balancing property taxes and development are also challenges facing District 1. Recently, a complex of three 10-unit apartment buildings was approved in our district. This type of development generates many concerns, and I would recommend strategies to encourage development designed to maximize property values for all.

Hart: Safety is a need and concern for

the citizens. I would work with the PD to ensure that their budget is sufficient enough to protect the citizens of not only district one, but the city as a whole, also open the line of communication between the PD and the citizens.

Do you think the city is on the wrong track in any way and that's why you are running?

Lubotsky: The city is doing well. It is getting more development, and I recently attended a meeting on revitalizing Forest Home Avenue, 43rd to 68th streets. I also work with the 27th street business improvement district, and Loomis is being marketed for development. The new At Home store is now open.

Collins: Greenfield is on right track but there is always room for improvement and positive evolution.  I will focus on efficient and effective administration and management, continued economic development, maintenance and improvement of roads and infrastructure and enhancement of quality of life programs and facilities.

Harris: Balancing property taxes and development are challenges. If elected, I will lead a strong synchronized effort to balance the health and safety of the community while limiting the tax burden to the constituents. It is important to look at both sides and come to the best decision for everyone.

Hart: I think the city is on the right path. We just need a stronger voice to get the citizens engaged in their government. Communication and open government are key factors in the success of a municipality. When citizens are involved and informed, government runs for the people.

What do you most want people to know about you?

Lubotsky: I am the voice of reason and truly care about my city. I am a phone call away. I have written ordinances to protect our children (my sex offender ordinance), banning synthetic marijuana, I gave my $600 raises back to the city, and worked on school safety.

Collins: Being a longtime resident and active in city, school district and community for years, I have been and continue to be dedicated to making Greenfield a better place in which to live, work and visit.  I want to continue progress made by serving First District residents and Greenfield as alderperson.

Harris: I value communication. If elected, I will communicate routinely with constituents through newsletters, social media, emails, and face-to-face discussions. I will always be available to the constituents of District 1, and will be ready to listen to their needs and concerns.

Hart: I am committed to the citizens of Greenfield. I will be available to listen to concerns and ideas whenever possible, and will cast votes in the best interests of every citizen. I am a great leader who deals with government operations on a daily basis.

Linda Joy Lubotsky

Age: 52 

Address: 4801 West Howard Ave Greenfield WI 53220

Political history: Greenfield alderwoman since 2008; Greenfield School Board member, 2006 - 2009; as alderwoman, chairman of the public works committee for eight years; member of the legislative committee; Library Board member;former board of health member, finance and HR committee, tree commission member; attend Jackson Park Neighborhood Association meetings, 27th Street Business Association meetings, and Neighborhood Crime Watch meetings

Phone number: 414-614-2928 


Email: Lubotsky 123@gmail.com

Website: lindalubotskyforalderperson.com 

Denise Collins

Age: 56 

Address: 4439 S. 38th St.

Occupation:  recently retired legal information specialist
Political History: Chairperson of the Greenfield Parks and Recreation Board, member of the Plan Commission, Land Use Steering Committee and the Healthiest Greenfield Coalition; formerly president of the Greenfield Education Foundation, and member of Greenfield High School's National Accreditation Committee, the city's 50th Anniversary Committee, and of the Community Center Ad Hoc Committee

Phone number: 414-281-2577


Email: deniseforalderperson@yahoo.com

Cord Harris

Age: 28

Address: 4393 S. 38th St.

Occupation: Attorney at Johnson, Blumberg & Associates, realtor and owner of the Harris Realty Group

Political history: Ran for Burlington Area School District Board in 2010 at age 21

Phone number: 262-215-3803


Email: attorneycordharris@gmail.com

Shawn Hart

Age: 41 

Address: 3416 S. Crandon Place

Occupation: Deputy treasurer for a local municipality and certified public accountant since 2014

Political history: first try for public office; however on a daily basis I engage with boards and commissions including city council, administrative task force and other committees in the city I work for.

Phone number: 414-405-3840

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shawn4alderman

Email: friendsofshawnhart@gmail.com

Website: shawnhart4alderman.com

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