GREENFIELD — A Milwaukee mother of two, ages 3 and 5, was charged with two counts of child neglect, accusing her of driving the children to a gas station in Greenfield while she was high on heroin, according to the criminal complaint field in Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

Greenfield police also found no car seats in the vehicle that was still at the Speedway gas station, 3390 W. Loomis Road, when they arrived. Two Speedway customers called police because the woman appeared to be in such an altered state inside the station's convenience store that they feared she would drive off with the children, the complaint says.

It also says the woman, Natalie Reszczynski, 37, of 2336 S. 4th St., admitted to having snorted $10 worth of heroin. She said she snorted the same amount before without coming so close to overdosing, the complaint says.

She told police that she had a hard time maintaining her balance in the gas station store and felt as though she were going to black out, the complaint says. She also is about seven months pregnant, according to the complaint.

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