GREENFIELD - This summer will probably be the biggest year of activity on the school district's $24,7 million capital improvement program. Brent Warren, project manager for Nexus Solutions, gave the School Board a progress report, recently.

"This summer is going to be very busy," Warren told the board, with major work planned at several elementary schools, and Greenfield High School.

The board then approved bids for many projects, although some proposals have yet to be received. Warren wasn't worried.

It's not going to hurt our timeline," he said. "We've got until summer to get this."

Last summer, work was done at Maple Grove Elementary, including library/media center renovation, cafeteria upgrades and new carpeting. This year, Elm Dale, Edgewood and Glenwood schools will get similar improvements, along with asbestos removal at Edgewood. Security improvements and roofing work are also scheduled at Edgewood and the high school.

So far, "we are $616,000 under budget, approximately 2.5%," Warren reported. "We're pretty pleased with where the budget is at."

Warren said that throughout the district "we are changing over" to LED lighting, which he said is more energy-efficient and lasts longer, with lower maintenance costs.

"Last but not least is the middle school," he said. "We're trying to get ready for the major work in 2018."

Preparatory to that, an electrical system upgrade will be done this summer that will necessitate shutting off power to the middle school for three weeks.

"It's a critical item we have to do to enable continuous construction next summer," Warren said.

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