Greenfield - It isn't every day that a person builds an entire street to where he wants to construct his home.

But that's what Paul Sidhu intends to do.

He just received permission from the city of Greenfield to extend Holmes Avenue 85 feet to the lot where he wants to build a home. The wooded lot is in about the 4500 block of Holmes, which is between Loomis Road and Edgerton Avenue. Not only will he build a standard-size residential street, but will dig down to lay a sewer and a water main.

Sidhu could not be immediately reached for comment, so no cost estimate was available.

The city hasn't built a road to undeveloped areas in decades, said Chuck Erickson, director of economic planning and development. That's left up to developers, he said.

"The city does not build it, and hope they will come," he said.

Property owners always are responsible for the initial cost of streets, sewers and water, said Mayor Michael Neitzke. The cost is rolled into the price of the lot.

"It's nothing unusual," he said.

In this case, Holmes Avenue stopped just short of Sidhu's land.

But just like every other landowner, he needs to have a street and services at his landlocked lot before he can build, Erickson said.

This is only the second or third time in his experience that anyone has wanted to build a road just to build a house, Erickson said. The others may have subdivided and sold off part of their lots to be homesteads for someone else, he said.

That appears to be difficult in this case, however, as the Sidhu property extends to the back yards of other homes, rather than to a street. A second home might conceivably be built if it could share a driveway with the Sidhu home.

The extended Holmes Avenue will be 30 feet wide with curbs, matching the street that is there now.

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