Greenfield - Whitnall High School 2006 graduate Sarah Seidler Chandler arrived last week in the West African nation of Cameroon where she will serve as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Chandler will be a community health educator, helping the Cameroon people reduce maternal, neonatal and childhood illness and death, prevent and deal with HIV/AIDS, and reduce illness and death caused by malaria.

Chandler comes to Cameroon after earning a bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota with a major in global studies and focusing on human rights and Europe, and with a minor in political science.

She is the daughter of Germaine Seidler, retired special education teacher in the Greenfield School District, and Stephen Chandler, retired attorney. Both are long time Greenfield residents who recently moved to New Berlin.

Why she serves

Chandler said she had been interested in serving in the Peace Corps for a long time.

"Then during college, I spent a semester abroad in France and thoroughly enjoyed being part of another culture," she said in a news release from the Peace Corps. "After experiencing living in another country; I knew Peace Corps would be part of my future because it is the perfect way to combine the satisfaction of cultural immersion with my commitment to service."

It is the cultural aspect of Peace Corps service that she is looking forward to most, she said.

"I am very excited about integrating into the community where I am posted and sharing in the daily lives of the people that live there," she said. Chandler describes Cameroon as a diverse country with a rich history and culture.

At home

At home, Chandler has been active by serving as an original member of the SAY AIDS Student Group on University of Minnesota, served on the MN AIDS Project’s AIDSLine as a community educator intern, and was on the MN AIDS Project’s speakers bureau. She also was Democracy Matters president and campus intern, Common Cause volunteer/intern, and she is an active member of Move to Amend, a nationwide coalition calling for a constitutional amendment that would keep corporations from contributing to political campaigns.

While at Whitnall High School, Chandler was president of AFS-International Club, was in studio dance, attended Concordia Language Villages’ Lac du Bois French Immersion Camp, took part in the National Student Leadership Conference International Relations Program in Washington D.C. and was the Whitnall delegate to the Badger Girls State leadership camp.

Asked for advice to those interested in becoming Peace Corp volunteers, she said, "Since there is no upper age limit to volunteer with the Peace Corps, you should speak with a recruiter and begin volunteering in a field you're passionate about because it's never too late."

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