Greenfield - A church was cleared to build its first steeple and a neighborhood may get a dog and cat day care. Both received recommendations from the Greenfield Plan Commission and the church steeple received the blessings of the common council.

​The church is Adoration Lutheran Church, 3840 W. Edgerton Ave. The congregation wants to erect a 25-foot tall, traditional-design steeple. The proposed steeple would weigh about 700 pounds, according to information supplied to the city.

The proposed dog and cat day care business would be in the former location of the Greenfield News & Hobby Store, 6815 W. Layton Ave. The proposal is for both day care and overnight.

The plan received a favorable plan commission response in its conceptual review, although it was noted that neighbors were concerned about barking dogs in the outdoor enclosure, especially at night.

Noise issue

Linda Lutz who is asking permission to start the business told commissioners last month that nighttime noise should not be a problem. In her 30 years of experience, dogs are quiet when the lights go out, she said. Also, the outdoor area would be primarily an exercise area, Lutz said.

Each enclosure has acrylic glass walls to reduce noise. The free play areas would be used for cageless stays.

Lutz also submitted a letter from the closest residential neighbor to the south saying she approves of the business.

The name of the proposed business is Accommodating Petz. In addition to day care, the business would sell pet supplies, would offer grooming and possibly some veterinary care.

The former hobby store location has attracted attention from others as well.

Last year, the commission granted a special use permit for the Dane Junction Antique Mall at the location. The antique mall did not materialize and the special use permit expired after 12 months.

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