Neither presidential candidate was appealing to West Allis and Greenfield voters who talked with a Now reporter at the voting polls Tuesday. Bigotry, temperament, honesty and respect for women were on the minds of those voters.

"I don't like Trump because he doesn't respect women at all," said Belgica Narango of West Allis.

"I did not vote in favor of a bigot," said Jesse Taylor of Greenfield. "I do not want a bigot representing the country."

"I have to make sure crooks don't get into office," said Eunice Schank of West Allis.

"Temperament, that's the most important issue," said West Allis resident Derek Reid.

Tough choice

Throughout the country, polls showed that voters were not that pleased with the choices. Even so, most said they didn't think for a minute that they would stay home.

"I felt this was the most important time to vote in my life," said Greenfield resident Rick Gardner.

There is no good choice, said Barbara Cervantes of West Allis, who went to the polls because she always votes in presidential elections. "This is really scary," she said.

"Both are not good for this country," Narango said.

"Neither really spoke to me," said Samantha Rosadi who said she almost didn't come out to vote. "It was a last minute decision," she made after weighing the pros and cons, she said.

"I wish (Ronald) Reagan were running," Schank said.

The economy

Local voters mirrored the country in other ways, too, ranking the economy and experience as among the issues weighing heavily on their minds as they marked their ballots.

The economy needs to be turned around, Schank said, and more attention should be paid to the military.

Greenfield resident Richard Stemper also put the economy as number one, but took the opposite view. The economy is recovering just fine and he wants that recovery to continue, he said.

Other Greenfield voters disagreed

The country needs more economic and job growth, said Mary Lang.

"The economy is number one.Immigration is second," she said.

Erin Scanlan agreed that people need a healthier economy.

"A lot of my family is in sales, money is important," Scanlan said.

Experience sought

Others focused on experience.

"Experience in the business world is one thing, but she's got experience dealing with other nations," said Diane McAdams of West Allis. "Trump scares me a little bit."

Knowledge and experience were the most important aspects Gardner said he was looking for.

"Knowledge of how things really work, experience in how government systems work," he said.

Voters also mentioned education as a priority.

"Schooling both college and for my children," said Rosadi. "And as a woman, equal pay."

Taylor also said education for his young son and daughter was important to him.

Other priorities

Other voters expressed additional priorities.

"What was important to me was the Affordable Care Act," said Dennis O'Halloran of West Allis. "I lost my job four years ago due to Act 10," and his health insurance went with it, he said. He was without health insurance for two years because he couldn't afford COBRA coverage.

"With Affordable Health Care, I was able to get health insurance," he said. Millions of Americans have benefited from what has become known as Obama Care, O'Halloran said.

"It's time to start helping our own people," he said.

Josh Fisher of Greenfield said,  "The biggest issue is the culture of political correctness I see on the college campus."

It is stifling conversation, there is no diversity of thought, he said.

"Everything is an 'ism' or an 'ist,'" he said.

Also a priority is which candidate will get to fill the next United States Supreme Court vacancy, Fisher said.

George Djilas of West Allis said his priority was "who will raise taxes."

Cervantes said that what she sees as Trump's unpredictability was the number one issue for her.

"We haven't had a war on American soil recently and with him, I think there would be," Cervantes said.

Also she said, "I don't agree with abortion, but feel that's a moral issue between a person and their God."

Eileen Vanderplaats of Greenfield said flatly: "I voted for Clinton because I don't like Trump."

Summing things up, Ryan Hutto of West Allis said he doesn't like either candidate. But as a Christian, he said, "We are called to honor government whether we approve or disapprove," unless it strays too far from Biblical commands, he said. Whatever happens he said, "We will pray for our president."

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